Hello guys..welcome to my blog. First of all, i’ll let u guys to get some information bout me. My nick is sabretooth. I’m 22 years old n have a big interest in sports, technologies, arts, n anything that would make my life n everything around me to be better, cheerful, interesting, n fun.

I’ve got my bachelor degree from university of Indonesia, majoring mechanical engineering, n i think i’m good in fluid mechanic as well as conversion energy. I used to work as a power plant engineer. My task as a power plant engineer was I have to take care about steam power plant, gas-turbine power plant, n diesel engine. I loved to share information bout the knowledge I know bout those three plants. And also, I hoped everybody out there will share their knowledge too, so that we will raise our knowledge by sharing n discussing with each other. =]

Right now, I work in one of the best Oil Company in the world. In here, I responsible for supply n distribution of oil to Industry and community.

Then, let’s talk bout my hobby. I love sports very much, especially basketball, n I’m very sure that my skill on playing basketball is not less than a pro. If anybody want to challenge me to play 1on1, I’ll be very happy to accept it. Beside sports, l love arts too (painting n music). I can draw everything i saw with detail in every aspect, whether using free hand or drawing software. N also i think my skill in playing music instrument is not so bad..

Bout technologies, there’re so much aspect i want to acknowledge n share with others. Bout this thing, I’ll discuss it later..

That’s all for now. I’ll add more info later. Thanx for coming..